We’ll take care of your Termites!

We have the best nose in town for Termites.

Termites damaged in excess of a Billion dollars to Australian home owners – don’t let them live with You”

Worried this could be you, never quite sure what the inspector is doing? You know family and friends who’s had termites and the thousands of dollars that they’ve done, don’t let this be you.

Inspector dogs can detect termites up to 95% of the time in places where technicians can’t see or go. Let Emmy help us protect your home.

Let us guide you through the proven success plan that we have implemented for more than 70 years.


Schedule a meeting us so we can discuss you or your clients specific needs.


Allow us to work with you to create a customised Pest Control Action Plan for your business or workplace.


Give us your approval to execute your plan, knowing that everything we do is safe for both you and clients.


Enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is totally rid of termites.


Perth’s first termite detection dog is helping sniff out the destructive pests that can cause serious damage to homes and buildings.

The trained cocker spaniel, Emmy, is now part of the team at MRP Environmentally Aware Pest Management based in Osborne Park and has begun visiting aged care homes, private houses, hospitals and industrial units across Perth with her human colleagues.

“Research* shows termite detection dogs who’ve been professionally trained can accurately detect live termites 95 percent of the time and can even sniff them out in places people can’t get to, such as under floors or in floorboards covered with carpet,” said MRP managing director Ray Franklin.

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