• 2017 Australian Pest Manager of the Year Finalist

  • MRP is the Perth Market Leader in Pest Control

    Maxwell Robinson and Phelps Pest Control is a prominent, affordable, family owned Pest Control and Termite Control Company which provides both domestic pest control and commercial pest control.

    Preventing Termite Infestations from Damaging your Home

    Many Australian homeowners live in fear of termite infestations. Termites are responsible for severe timber damage, resulting in huge repair costs. Stop these pests with an MRP Termite Treatment, and then take advantage of termite annual inspections to make sure you stay termite-free.

    Environmentally Aware Pest Control Perth

    MRP is not just about pest control. We are also about protecting the environment, and respecting human and animal life. We want to improve your surroundings in a safe and responsible manner.

    Why is there a Frog on our logo?

    Frogs are one of nature's most efficient pest controllers, eating pests like mosquitoes, flies, beetles and moths. They are also "canaries in the coalmine". With the over-use of chemicals and harmful insecticides, our environment is being poisoned. For these reasons MRP adopted the frog logo. It represents our effective pest control strategies, and reflects our commitment to doing our best for the planet.

  • Pest Control Perth

    The industry leader in Perth for Pest Control, termite inspections, environmentally friendly termite treatments and general pest control. Perth home owners and commercial properties have trusted us since 1949 to stay ahead of the pack and deliver lasting results whilst taking care of the health and safety of occupants, children, pets and to do no harm to our ecosystem. 

    We lead the Perth termite inspection and pest control industry because we take an approach to our area of expertise that few others will. We provide extensive training to our technicians to ensure we are up to date with best practice, and we never compromise the quality of our materials.

    All of our pest control technicians are:

    • Qualified pest controllers
    • Police cleared and trustworthy people
    • Respectful of your home and your family
    • Professionals who take pride in their standard of work

    We take pride in doing things properly, because it's the little things that matter. Maxwell Robinson & Phelps never resort free-baiting (throwing poisoned pallets) around your roof, ensuring that baits are always secured in lockable, tamper proof rodent stations. We also don't do one-hit-wonders. By using advanced products that employ the transfer effect, it takes a bit longer to get rid of your immediate pest problem, but we end up getting every last pest whether they're cockroaches harbouring in your brickwork to a local termite colony hiding deep underground. We're also highly skilled in commercial fumigation and quarantine work.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are the most cost-effective Perth pest control company in the long term as we continue to drive down our warranty requests and general errors through highly efficient works being carried out in our continuing quest for perfection in pest control.

    All work, both commercially and residentially, by Maxwell Robinson & Phelps is backed up by an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee. If you believe we didn't get something right the first time around, we come back and fix the problem free of charge. If you're still not happy, you'll receive your money back.

  • Environmentally Aware

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps prides itself in keeping your family home and environment healthy and safe. We understand that your home is more than just an investment. It is where you spend a good deal of your life, where you raise your family and it is your escape from the outside world.

    Let us help you keep your home safe. Our Perth pest control team will also help prevent the spread of disease and illness by eliminating disease carrying pests such as rodents, cockroaches, ants and fleas within your home. Maxwell Robinson & Phelps will look after you, your children, pets and friends.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are Perth pest control company that is trusted to take care of the needs of over 80% of Perth's largest hospitals among many other highly sensitive environments where highly controlled, effective and responsible pest control is absolutely essential.

    From getting rid of ants from your kitchen to exterminating bed bugs and commercial fumigation; Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are the Perth pest control company that you can rely to keep your home or workplace clean of infestation. Call now for your obligation free quote.

  • Why Choose MRP?

    MRP Pest Control Company Protecting WA Families
    • MRP is the leading Perth Pest Control Company
    • Family owned and operated
    • Our environmentally friendly practices protect the environment and get the job done
    • You can be sure of quality and timely service
    • The MRP team members operate with a positive can-do attitude so you get the results you’re after

    Having been in business for more than 60 years, you are dealing with an industry leader in pest control Perth which has a high level of expertise in handling and applying products in a safe and responsible manner.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps stand behind all work and support all of our customers if anything ever goes wrong. This confidence in our quality of pest control Perth is further reinforced by our MRP Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

  • Less chemicals and better results

    We used to rely heavily on chemicals and a lot of other pest control companies still do. Instead of going through large volumes of chemicals in a "spray and pray" approach where we would evacuate tenants for a few hours, hoping to reach to the source of the problem. We now use a targeted approach with advanced products and methods for each individual pest we are targeting.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are always finding ways to reduce our dependency on chemicals whilst still improving efficiencies in pest control. In cases such as ant control, we now use 90% less chemical than we used to and achieve a more thorough and long lasting result.

    Because MRP take extensive measures to reduce chemicals and provide a more environmentally friendly and safety conscious approach; we remain the company to trust.

    Using the minimal amount of chemicals that are also strategically placed is vital in food preparation areas where pests such as ants, cockroaches and rodents are usually attracted to. Due to health complexities in hospitals and aged care centres such as patients with breathing problems, it’s important to know that the days of "spray and pray" are long behind us.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps employ a sniper’s approach to pest control. Clinical, accurate, and no collateral damage. There is a reason why more hospitals and aged care facilities continue to rely on Maxwell Robinson & Phelps to protect those who rely on them.

    Instead of instant kills and creating heavy repelling barriers, we encourage pests to pass through our chemical barriers, infecting the pest and any pests that come into contact. Whilst this doesn't produce the immediate wow factor with a visible trail of dead pests, it takes time to kill, allowing the infection to spread deep throughout the colony and achieves a total (or near total) eradication of the local pest population.

    Safety and care with all chemical pest control products

    Through our careful selection of products and advanced methods of baiting, our pest control solutions are the safest on the market. Our commitment carries over to avoiding secondary poisoning to other animals such as birds or cats that may come into contact with treated rodents or other pests.

    Whilst we use products that have been tried and tested for over a decade, we also invest in new innovative products such as Altriset which is a termicide that is not classed as a poison and reported to have no effect on mammals (humans, pets, cattle, etc.) or bees and is safe to flora.

    We're more than just a bunch of pest exterminators in Perth.

    Pest control, to us, is about keeping your home and your family a safe and sanitary place to live whilst doing no harm to our delicate ecosystem and wildlife.

    We aim to improve the standard of every home we enter from protecting your investment with a termite barrier, to ridding your kitchen of a never ending invasion of cockroaches; Maxwell Robinson and Phelps will look after you with responsible and environmentally friendly pest control Perth.