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  • Maxwell Robinson & Phelps pest control is a prominent, affordable, family owned Pest Control & Termite Control Company which provides both domestic pest control and commercial pest control. Your micro environment is protected when you choose MRP – safe, pet friendly, technologically advanced termite inspection equipment, environmentally friendly pest control treatments and termite control treatments. The MRP team of pest control and termite control exterminators are specially trained, certified and registered service technicians that will meet and exceed your expectations with excellent service from start to finish to resolve any pest problem you may have.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are also able to provide a wide range of Weed Control and Turf Management Services including bushland, aquatic and specialised environment weeds along with soil preparation, mowing, rolling and levelling turf, replanting, repairing, aerating, fertilising and top dressing lawns.

    We service a large and diversified customer base that covers a wide range of Residential, Commercial and Industrial markets.

    Typically, a large number of our major clients include several major hospitals, aged care organisations, shires and government organisations which demand a high degree of care and attention, similarly we protect hundreds of residential properties from destructive termite activity as well the many other annoying pests and weeds that invade our homes.

    How MRP Came to Tame the Pest Control Problem in Perth

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps (MRP) was founded in 1949 by Aubrey Maxwell, Owen Robinson & Bob Phelps. Owen Robinson and Bob Phelps were lifetime friends and prior to World War II, had worked for the stock firm Elder Smith & Co. Ltd. At the start of WW2 both enlisted in the army, Bob Phelps, a captain in the 2/4 machine gun battalion, was captured at the fall of Singapore by the Japanese.

    During his early internment in Changi prison he met Aubrey Maxwell, who previously had a pest control firm in Singapore, and convinced him, should they both survive the war to come to W.A and set up a business.  They both survived the war, Maxwell in Changi prison and Phelps in Thailand, working on the infamous Burma Road and Railway.

    During 1949 Maxwell arrived in Perth, met Robinson and Phelps and set up the partnership, Maxwell, Robinson and Phelps.

    In 2006 the company was purchased by Ray and Michelle Franklin who have continued to ensure that MRP is one of the leading Pest and Weed Management companies in Western Australia and are committed to providing a professional pest and weed service which practices new and environmentally friendly chemicals responsibly with the highest level of specialised service to all our customers.

    Our clients respect the fact having been in business for more than 61 years, they are dealing with an industry leader which has a high level of expertise in handling and applying products in a safe and responsible manner.

    When you purchase a pest management service from MRP, our customer service department will ensure the work is carried out in a prompt manner and at your convenience.

    MRP’s reputation is further enhanced by offering all our clients an unconditional money back guarantee in the unlikely event that they are unhappy with our service, furthermore we will even pay for another pest management company to carry out the service to the client’s complete satisfaction.

    Our Team

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps Service Technicians, Service Managers, Supervisors, Account Managers and Support Staff are some of the most experienced you’ll find in the pest control business. We’re used to developing close working relationships with our customers to help those customers overcome challenges they face and achieve their business goals. Meet the MRP team here.

    Our Culture

    We operate with a positive can-do attitude so that our clients get the results they’re after. Our company culture is easily expressed as follows:

    Protect the environment. Respect animal & human life. Make places safe & clean for people