• Top 10 Bad Habits of Tradies

  • Having a tradesman come out to your home can be a mixed experience. Whilst many carry themselves with professionalism and do an excellent standard of work, there are the few who forget that a customer’s home is not a construction site.

    1. Smoking Cigarettes

    Despite the fact that it’s 2016 there are still a fair few people that light up and some who even chose to do so whilst working around your home. The smell of cigarettes alone can be awful but another level is reached when the cigarette butts are littered in the garden or smoke is wafting through an open door or window

    2. Treading Through Dirt and Mud

    You spend a lot of time and effort to keep your home clean, which can all be undone by one careless tradie unloading all the dirt from their work boots on your carpets, tiles or floorboards.

    Most professional tradesmen will take off their boots and some will even put on a pair of slippers too.

    3. Using The Toilet

    When you’ve got to go you’ve got to go

    No matter how good the standard of work is, a tradie leaving the door open whilst using the toilet, not flushing or leaving a mess are excellent ways to irritate a customer.

    4. Being Late

    Probably the biggest customer irritation with tradies; is not being on time.

    When you’ve requested the morning off from work to be at home for a tradie to come, having them not turn up on time puts the customer under stress.

    5. Communication

    But being late does happen, the previous job can take longer than expected, traffic can be a factor and so on.

    A lot of frustration can be avoided with a quick phone call from the tradie letting you know that they’re running late. Sadly, a lot of tradies fail to do this.

    6. Bad Language

    This is one of those times where habits from the construction site creep over into the residential work. Tradies swearing either to the customer, to their co-worker/apprentice or over the phone doesn’t sit well with a lot of homeowners and can make them feel quite uncomfortable, especially if children are on the property.

    7. Not Asking to Come In

    Some tradies will just barge on in as soon as you open the door. A customer is obviously going to let the tradie in if they’ve called up, but it’s polite to ask to enter someone’s home first and identify yourself and reassuring the customer you are the person they are expecting.

    8. Leaving A Mess

    From leaving scraps/cut-offs around the yard to not vacuuming up after drilling in a wall. Leaving a mess for the customer to clean up just isn’t cool and puts people off from what was otherwise a job well-done.

    9. Damage Around the Home

    Little things like leaning ladders against a gutter and scraping off the paint, leaving your house covered in cement residue or ripping up the lawn either with the work vehicle or equipment that they’re transporting through.

    10. Blown Out Invoices

    So the job turned out to be larger than initially thought. In most cases, customers will understand and would have even financially prepared for this scenario. But what isn’t acceptable is the new and higher figure being discovered upon the final invoice being issued.

    This issue can easily be avoided through communication with the customer and asking permission to proceed further than what was initially quoted or indicated.