• Termite Inspections

  • Please remember a termite inspection report is designed to detect termites at an early stage and to reduce the amount of potential damage to your home. It does not stop termites. It is strongly recommended a Termite Inspection is carried out at least once every twelve months and every three to six months for high risk areas.

    Note: Most Household Insurance Policies do not cover you for termite damage.

    Therefore the Australian Standard for Termite Protection (AS3660) recommends that regular, competent inspections be carried out at least once a year or more frequently in areas of higher termite risk or known activity.

    An annual Termite Inspection by a licensed professional is the safest way to detect, treat and prevent Termite activity in new or existing homes!

    A thorough termite inspection by a licensed professional is the best way to detect if these devastating and costly timber pests are present in or around your home and can help with a number of proven termite eradication technologies. Our suppliers are our partners in the ongoing battle against termites. Termites are a threat to the No.1 investment of most Australians, their home! Don’t risk it!

    Many Australian homeowners live in fear of termite infestations. A serious infestation can result in major timber damage, with consequently huge repair costs. A frightening aspect of a subterranean termite infestation is that the termites often flourish undetected until costly damage has already occurred. The goal of owners of older homes should be to find and stop the termites before the damage gets out of hand.

    FOR EXAMPLE one important omission is that termites can cause severe structural damage to a home in a short period for which Home Insurance does NOT cover the repair costs which could easily surpass $50,000.

    It will also allow for protective or preventative measures to be put in place. Regular pest inspections can potentially save you thousands of dollars worth of damage, as your home is your biggest asset why wouldn’t you have one?

    As per Australian Standards, regular, competent inspections are strongly recommended, at least on an annual basis.

    With our exceptional team of qualified timber pest and general pest technicians, we meet and exceed all our client expectations with excellent service from start to finish. As with all our treatments we offer our full guarantee of service

    Considering the damage termites can cause, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.