• Termite FAQ's

  • Will I have to leave the house?

    In 90% of situations, it is not necessary to leave your house at all.

    Are the chemicals you use dangerous?

    All the pest technicians that work for maxwell robinson & phelps are fully licensed by the Government of Western Australia; Department of Health & also under the Health (Pesticides) Regulations 2011.

    In some cases, these materials are not even rated as poisons and have no observable negative effect on humans.

    Many of the treatment options that we use, such as termite baiting, completely avoid the application of liquid soil barrier control agents (“poisons”) altogether.

    Are your pest control methods going to hurt my children, pets, unborn child?

    No. Part of our normal procedure is to ascertain the situation in your property. We use the safest, most modern materials available and will not carry out any work which might cause a problem.

    We ask that pregnant women and any children less that 4 years of age be absent while treatment is being carried out and for 4 hours afterwards. This is just to be extra careful in case any allergy-type reactions occur.

    Animals must be kept off treated surfaces until they are dry – usually about 30 minutes.

    The control agents we use are approved for use in hospitals, child care centres, food manufacturing and preparation areas and many other sensitive situations. In most cases these materials are odourless.

    I have asthma and am highly allergic. Can you treat my property?

    Yes. Many hundreds of our clients are in a similar position. We only apply odourless control agents and we ask you to vacate the premises for an hour or so following treatment or longer if your asthma is particularly severe.

    Recent developments in low-odour, low-toxicity control agents mean that being sensitive or having asthma no longer means you have to share your home with unwanted pests.

    What does your warranty really mean?

    Our free service period means that if the pests we treat come back, so do we – with no further charge to you.

    How long will the termite treatment last?

    Soil barrier applications can offer many years of protection and where a termite colony is destroyed by means of termite baiting, it can never again pose any threat to your property. However, as recommended in Australian Standard 3660, regular inspections are essential to monitor for any new infestation.

    How long before the termites are gone?

    This depends on the control solution you choose and can range from a few days or upwards. What is important here is that solution is put in place urgently. In more that 90% of cases, no further significant damage occurs once we implement your solution.

    If I have a full brick home, does that mean I don’t have to worry about termites?

    No. The roof structure in a full brick home is supported by timber framing and termites can gain access by traveling inside the cavity walls. Also, where this type of home has a suspended timber floor, termites can severely damage the flooring and supporting bearers and joists.

    My home is on a concrete slab so doesn’t this mean I won’t get termites?

    This is a common misconception. Termites readily penetrate concrete slab floors through gaps such as expansion joints and cracks and also alongside service penetrations such as pipes, drains, electrics etc.

    Termites can also gain entry over the outside edge of the slab floor, sometimes by building mud shelter tubes that protect termites from the elements.

    In recent years, timber framed, brick veneer homes built on concrete slabs have become extremely popular. This form of construction is one of the highest risk types in terms of termite attack.

    Are white ants the same as termites?

    Yes, the term “white ants” was used by early European settlers but it is not strictly correct. Termites are not really white and they are not ants – they are actually distantly related to cockroaches.

    If I find termites should I spray them with flyspray?

    Where possible we ask our clients to avoid disturbing termites before a thorough inspection can be carried out. Disturbing termites may make it difficult to assess the extent of the infestation and may prevent identification of the termite species. It can also reduce the number of treatment options available. However, even if you have sprayed termites already, we can still tailor a solution to your problem. The important thing is to take action and arrange an inspection as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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