• Pre-Purchase Inspection Perth

  • Before you buy a house in Perth, you will need to have a timber pest inspection report prepared to make sure the property is not infested by termites or other timber pests. The purpose of the Pre-purchase Timber Pest Inspection Report is to assist you, the client, to identify and understand any Timber Pest issues observed at the time of inspection.

    The pre purchase timber pest inspection in Perth should be carried out in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3 which is a nationally accepted standard for timber pest inspections and reports.

    Australian Standard 4349.3 – 2010 stipulates that a pre purchase timber pest inspection should be undertaken as early in the buying process as practicable. This way, the purchaser will know about the condition of the property and will be able to make a better informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. A pre purchase inspection report may be suitable for a vendor to include with the papers for the sale of a property.

    The inspection report will provide advice within the agreed scope to a prospective purchaser or vendor regarding the condition of the Perth property in relation to the activity of timber pests.

    Our pre purchase timber pest inspection shall comprise non-invasive inspection of the property for timber pests in accordance with Australian Standard 4349.3-2010

    Our pre purchase timber pest inspection will include an assessment of each of the following areas of your Perth property (as necessary):

    • the interior of the building(s) (excluding furniture & stored items)
    • the exterior of the building(s)
    • the roof space
    • the sub-floor space
    • the site (including trees, stumps and timbers in contact with soil within the property boundaries, up to a distance of 30 m from the main building

    In our comprehensive Timber Pest Inspection Report you will find details such as:

    • termite activity past or present
    • past termite treatments where evidence is visible or paperwork is provided
    • areas of possible bridging or breaching of existing termite barrier
    • areas with excessive moisture
    • sub floor ventilation problems
    • areas & conditions conductive to infestation
    • areas where inspection was restricted or not possible
    • evidence of timber fungal decay damage
    • evidence of wood borer activity or damage
    • recommendations to help prevent future termite attack
    • possible safety hazards that may result from damage caused by timber pest

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps specialise in pre purchase timber pest inspections in Perth. We are a fully licensed and comprehensively insured pest control company providing termite inspections, termite treatment and all other pest control services for residential and commercial clients in the whole Perth metropolitan area.

    We can perform an URGENT inspection any day of the week, in any suburb of Perth. Simply call our team on
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