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  • Protect your investment

    We spend most of our adult lives working and paying off our home, and termites are the biggest risk to that investment in Australia.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps delivers a no compromise approach a termites:

    • We never cut corners
    • We don’t mix in cheaper chemicals
    • We’re there for you in the rare event that something wasn’t done properly, free of charge

    Our methods pose minimal risk to children, pets, and the environment. This is why Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are trusted by WA’s leading hospitals and aged care centres to deliver efficient pest control in the most sensitive human environments.

    Safe around children and pets

    The products that Maxwell Robinson & Phelps use, combined with the methods used to deploy them make us the safest pest control company in the industry.

    We use products that have been tried and tested for over a decade, and we’re also investing in new innovative products such as Altriset which is a termicide that is not classed as a poison and reported to have no effect on mammals (humans, pets, cattle, etc.) or bees and is not systemic with plants.

    Environmentally friendly

    Less chemicals and better results.

    Instead of using litres and litres of chemicals to achieve one off instant kills and creating a heavy repelling barrier, we strategically place our chemicals in the ground that encourage termites to pass through infecting themselves and any other termites that come into contact or close proximity.

    Whilst this doesn’t produce the immediate wow factor with a visible trial of dead pests, it takes several days to kill, allowing more time for each individual termite to spread the infection deep throughout the colony and achieve a total (or near total) eradication of the local termite population.

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