• Complimentary Home Risk Assessment

  • Have you seen pests within or near your home? Is it possible you might have a pest problem? If yes, MRP is here to help.

    If you haven’t recently had your home tested for termites, then now is the time. Often, when you leave termite treatments until you suspect you have a termite problem, the damage they have done to your home is already considerable (and expensive)!

    Rodents and cockroaches are also a concern because they could be carrying bacteria and viruses that could harm you, your family and your pets.

    Stop pests from damaging your home! Protect yourself from potentially harmful diseases!

    Take advantage of our Complimentary Home Risk Assessment to help you eliminate pests and the risks they pose.

    Call us to book in for an obligation-free risk assessment by an MRP Pest Control Specialist today on 08 9445 2044.