• Wasps

  • Paper Wasp Pest ControlNot all Wasps are pests. Some, like the Mud Wasp, are quite harmless and beneficial to your garden as pest controllers. In fact, you will probably never even notice many Wasps as they happily buzz around your garden, catching pest insects and their larvae.

    The Wasp that is considered a pest here in Australia is the Paper Wasp. These insects are aggressive and deliver a painful bite. They will attack if they perceive a threat or if their nest is disturbed. Again, they do perform the useful task of managing other pests in your garden.

    The most common Paper Wasps found across southern WA are the Polistes humilis, known as the Common Paper Wasp. They are native to Australia and most often the species of Wasp that pest control companies receive calls about.

    They are a slender wasp with long wings. Generally brown in colour, the Common Paper Wasp has dark bands across it body and yellow markings on its head. They are 10-15mm in length and are a social insect. Other not-so-common species of paper wasps differ in sizes and colour.

    Paper Wasps build cone shaped nests of hexagonal cells made by mixing saliva and wood fibres. The nests are like papered-wood, and thus their name. Paper Wasps generally aren’t a problem to homeowners, except when the nest has been built in a high traffic area for humans, for example, under the eve of a roof or in a shrub next to a footpath that is commonly used.

    Helpful Hints

    • Avoid Paper Wasp Nests during the day
    • Don’t be concerned about nests that are out of the way – if you don’t disturb them, they won’t disturb you
    • If a nest needs to be destroyed contact us
    • If you or someone in your family are stung, apply a cold pack to reduce swelling and pain
    • If the person who has been stung is allergic or if symptoms increase, seek medical help immediately