• Silverfish Control Perth

  • Fabric Pest SilverfishSilverfish are a common fabric pest, responsible for destroying anything with a high starch content, including your:

    • clothes – cotton and silks
    • cotton sheets and blankets
    • books and papers
    • glue (book bindings, etc.)

    There are a number of species found in homes. The most common household silverfish pests comes from the Lepismatidae family of silverfish.

    Silverfish can grow up to 20mm in length. They are a silver-grey (like a fish) in colour. They have soft, long bodies that taper to a point at the bottom. They have no wings and two long antennae.

    They like to nest in dark, quiet places like cupboards, bookshelves, roof spaces, storage areas, wall cavities, and the bottom of rarely emptied clothes baskets.

    They are most active at night and fast moving as they roam houses and factory floors in search of food.

    Helpful Hints

    • Insecticidal treatment is often required for effective control.
    • Regular overall cleaning is necessary – dusting of shelves, emptying boxes and baskets, vacuuming