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  • We're trusted because we

    • Rid your home of rodents
    • Ensure safety of kids and pets with locked and tamper proof rodent stations
    • Bait is secured within our tamper proof rodent stations, so it can't fall out even if picked up and shaken
    • Use baits that are designed as a multiple-feed poison, heavilly reducing the likelihood of secondary poisoning to to pets and wildlife if they consume the rodent
    • Up to date with latest industry advancements
    • Leave your home the way we found it

    Rat Pest ControlMaxwell Robinson & Phelps are Perth's rodent pest control experts and the only pest control company you should trust to be applying bait around your home.

    Through the latest advancements in pest control techniques, we're able to strategically place chemicals to be more effective and eliminating rodents whilst using significantly bait.

    At Maxwell Robinson & Phelps, it is against company policy to free-bait (loose bait blocks) roof voids. Free-baiting around in roof voids can result in bait being transported into the house by rats or falling through ducts and vents, such as in the bathroom, presenting the possibility to be picked up by children or pets.

    Rodents (rats and mice) have been a persistent problem to humans ever since humans learned to store seeds and other foods. History records the vast damage and suffering caused by these pests with the most devastating of these being the spread of Bubonic plague throughout Europe in the 14th century.

    Rats tend to hide in roof voids for warmth during Winter and will sometimes venture into your home looking for food sources, which is when you will start to see droppings around your home. Rats leave trails of urine and droppings as they have extremely poor eyesight and use these as markers.

    Rats carry disease

    Many disease organisms are carried by rodents, most notably the salmonella group. This is spread through the rodent's constant and uncontrolled urination and droppings which is usually left in your kitchen area whilst the rodents are foraging for food.

    Rats can cause damage

    Rodents need to gnaw on hard materials to wear down their rapidly growing teeth (incisors). These razor-sharp incisors can easily cut through lead, aluminium, cardboard, wood, soft asphalt, mortar and most plastics. Electrical and telephone cables can be damaged by rats, making these pests a costly nuisance.

    Avoid attracting rodents by

    • Eliminate rodent harbourage areas such as old machinery, timber piles, weed growth and garbage heaps
    • Avoid leaving surfaces with remains of food, sauces or oils (such as benches, plates and dishes) overnight
    • Reduce water availability overnight; mop up puddles, fix dripping taps and seal around sinks
    • Store garbage in tightly closed containers
    • Fix all holes around doors, windows, etc.


    How can I get rid of Rodents myself?

    Setting out traps are the cheapest, chemical free and most common approach to rodent control by Perth home owners.

    Fully grown rodents are extremely suspicious of new objects that they haven't seen before, so the rodents that do fall victim to household traps are normally the young and inexperienced. There is also nothing stopping children, pets, or even yourself forgetting the traps are there and setting them off.

    Using rodent poisons around your home is never recommended as they are normally highly toxic to humans. There is also the concern of secondary poison if pets or wildlife could consume the dead rodent.

    If your supermarket rodent traps are not working, becoming too expensive, or you're thinking about using poisons; give us a call or fill in the form on the right.

  • More on Rodent Pest Control Perth

    Still need more information on the types of Rodents that you’ll commonly find in Perth homes?

    We’ve got a few frequently asked questions and their answers below.

    Types of Rats

    Not all rats are the same and differ in behaviour and types of foods that they prefer.

    Norway Rat

    This is large, heavy bodied and aggressive rat which tends to live at ground level in burrows, basements, sewers and drains. It prefers dry foods such as cereals and cooked meats. It thrives in warehouses, food handing facilities, grainaries and poultry farms and generally dominates wherever it lives. It tends to enter buildings during autumn and winter. The Norway rat weights around 450 gm, lives for around a year and produces 4-5 litters a year

    Roof or Black Rat

    Small and slender, with larger ears, this rat can be distinguished by a long tail which is usually longer than their body. It weights around 260 gm, lives for about a year and can produce 4-5 litters. The black rat is an excellent climber. It prefers moist foods such as fruit and raw meats but will also eat cereals.

    House Mouse Pest ControlHouse Mouse

    Smaller than the Black Rat, usually only achieving a weight of 15gm,  it often lives outside, but in cooler weather will venture indoors to become very troublesome. This mouse can come in all shades from white to almost black, lives for about a year and produces 6-10 litters a year. Prefers grains and cereals but when hungry will consume a wide range of foods.

    “Are my pets at risk?”

    There are several different kinds of rodent bait to choose from and we have some that are less toxic than others. What this means is that the lethal dose (amount of bait required to kill the rodent) is generally greater, meaning the less toxic the bait, the longer it takes for the rodent to die. If it is likely that a cat or a dog will eat a dead or sick rodent, please let us know prior to arriving on site so that we can bring enough non-standard bait with us. There is also the option of having non-chemical traps, glue boards, etc. Be sure to mention your fears of endangering pets when you phone, as this can alter the quote. MRP uses plastic tamper-resistant bait boxes for all its rodent bait. These stations require a special key to open which means that children, pets, or 3rd parties cannot gain access to the bait.

    “Do we get a copy of the bait box unlocking key?”

    Our company policy is designed around the safety of you, your family and your pets, and there the answer is ‘no’. We have put into place policies and procedures designed to ensure that no person or pet will be harmed from our treatments. The one time we did give a client a key, they opened the bait box, noticed that half the bait was eaten and decided to add some over over-the-counter bait and whilst he was in his shed, the family dog ate the bait that was in the box. Unfortunately, the much-loved family hound later died. So it is with your own safety in mind that we do not allow any third-party access to our bait and have elected not to give out the keys. We will however offer a 12 month service of regularly checking the baits to ensure there is adequate bait in the boxes. We endeavour to always consider your safety as a first priority.

    “I hear noises in the roof; can I treat them myself?”

    Yes, of course you can treat them yourself, but before you do please understand the difference between what we can do for you vs treating yourself. You will probably find claims on the packages on any over-the-counter bait that state it’s the same active as the professionals use. This is indeed true however, the main difference is the additives. If a rodent eats the standard poison you can purchase in hardware stores and supermarkets, when they die in the roof, or in between the cavity walls or under the house, you will have a distinct smell for approximately two weeks – unless you can gain access to the dead rodent and eliminate it yourself quick enough. That distinct smell is the rodent actually decaying. You may find a surgence of flies, bees, maggots, etc in your house during this time. With the products that we use, in most instances, they will die away from the home. If they do expire in your home, you will often have no smell at all, or at the most, a lesser odour for no more than a couple of days.

    Another thing to consider is the placement of the baits. Often we will go to places where the homeowner has tried setting the baits themselves and we find that they’ve put the bait in all the wrong places. Rodents like to feel safe and they will generally not venture out to an area they have not been before, unless you make that environment safe. Another difference is the attractiveness in the baits that we use. Rodents can smell our baits from some distance and seek them out. In our experience this is not generally the case with products purchased over the counter.

    “We own a commercial premises, can you help us?”

    Absolutely, in fact one of our directors specialises in commercial rodent control. One of the greatest challenges that commercial premises face, is the damage side to rodents. Rats chewing through electrical cabling and contamination of food or storage containers. We have a client in Perth where rodents had chewed through the boxes of all their large screen LCD TV’s in the storage room, causing thousands of dollars in damages.  MRP has access to all of the latest technologies, including attracting rodents to our baits from up to 1km away. We welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help remove any rodent threat to your premises.