• Possum Removal Perth

  • Brush Tail Possum Pest ControlPossums, those cute, cuddly critters that feed on blossoms and fruit can actually create dramas in some homes and buildings.

    The main offender is the Brush-tailed Possum. Unlike the Ring-tailed Possum who build a drey in trees, Brush-tailed Possums (or ‘Brushies’ as they are affectionately known) tend to make use of artificial dens… possibly your roof space, tool shed or chimney.

    The ‘nuisance’ factor of sharing your house or garden with a Possum includes:

    • Unwanted Sound – a possum scratching around, calling other possums, or running around your roof space can make for a sleepless night.
    • Unwanted Faeces – you may discover the small possum faeces on your driveway or in your roof.
    • Garden Damage – some possums have been known to raid gardens. Some have a penchant for vegetables, fruit trees, and shrubs. Some possums have developed more refined tastebuds and have taken a fancy to gardener’s prize roses!

    Helpful Hints

    • Prune back trees and shrubs that provide easy access to your roof
    • Once a possum has been removed from your roof, seal any points of entry to the roof.
    • Put up some nesting boxes in trees on your property – this provides an alternative home for the possum and has proven to be an effective strategy
    • If you believe a possum on your property really does need to be removed, please contact us. MRP will safely relocate the possum to a another environment that is more conducive to the animal’s needs.