• Mosquito Control Perth

  • Mosquitoes are among the most disliked pests - simply ask any guests at a social BBQ. Not only do Mosquitoes deliver a painful bite, they are responsible for transmitting many diseases throughout human and animal populations world-wide.

    Australia has around 300 different species of mosquito. Fortunately, not all Mosquito species are harmful or bite. With regards to the ones that do, it is the adult female of the Aedes notoscriptusit who seeks blood from a host. She requires protein for egg development and sources it through blood.

    The diseases that Australian Mosquitoes can carry include:

    • Dengue Fever (restricted to Queensland where the Aedes aegypti is present)
    • Australian Encephalitis
    • Murray Valley Encephalitis (a concern in WA)
    • Ross River Virus Disease (a concern in WA)
    • Barmah Forest Virus Disease (a concern in WA)
    • Malaria

    Mosquitoes are actually a type of fly - belonging to the family called Culicidae.

    Adult female Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water. The Mosquito Larvae hatch and live in the water. They then form a pupae from which the adult mosquito emerges. A female mosquitoes lifespan is around 2-3 weeks, and a male's lifespan is slightly shorter.

  • What we do for mosquitoes

    • Upon arrival, our technicians will spray an ultra low volume (ULV) residual spray across local foliage, where mosquitoes will hide during the day to protect them from the wind and heat.
    • Then our technicians will seek out any sources of stagnant water and drop larvicide pellets in there which eliminates hatching larvae.
    • Treatment of running water is not necessary as it is unsuitable for mosquitoes.
    • This treatment will usually last up to 4 weeks per application

    Mosquito control a suitable solution

    If you own a business that relies on your outdoor areas being used during the evening, such as a wineries, restaurant or a function centre, and need mosquitoes killed off and repelled from the area, our treatment usually lasts up to 4 months per application.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps have been relied on for commercial mosquito control Perth by countless businesses who are sick of seeing their outdoor areas go to waste as their customers feared being swarmed by mosquitoes and being left with irritable bites all over and lasts for days.

  • Mosquito Pest Contol

    Helpful Hints for Homeowners

    • If outdoors when mosquitoes are active be sure to cover-up or wear insect repellent
    • Install insect screens on your premises for windows and doors
    • Mesh water tanks
    • Empty all containers throughout your garden that hold water before nightfall. This includes pot plant saucers, pet bowls, birdbaths, tyres, roof guttering, etc. This minimises places for mosquitoes to breed.