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    Pest Control for MillipedesMaxwell Robinson & Phelps are the pest control experts and the only company you should trust to be applying chemicals to your home.

    Through the latest advancements in pest control techniques, we're able to strategically place chemicals to be more effective and eliminating millipedes whilst using significantly less chemicals.

    The chemicals that we do use has the lowest possible levels of toxicity to mammals and are not systemic with plants; meaning that your family are safe from harm and the quality of your soil and plants are not compromised. 

    What are Millipedes?

    Portuguese Millipedes (Ommatoiulus moreleti) are an invasive species first introduced into Australia in the 1950s. Since then they have enjoyed our climate, lack of predators, and abundance of food.

    They have bred to plague proportions in WA and SA, causing inconvenience and in some cases, highly dangerous situations including train derailments.

    While not harmful to humans, if they are squashed they release a smelly pungent yellowish secreting which can stain your skin, clothes and floor surfaces. If millipedes get into your electrical equipment they can also cause a great deal of damage resulting in expensive repairs.

    Why are they in my home?

    Portuguese millipedes hide in the soil during the hotter months and normally emerge after the first rains in Autumn.

    Unlike the millipedes that are native to Perth, Portuguese millipedes are attracted to lights at night time, which is why they end up in your home. Portuguese millipedes do not breed once inside your house, but they will likely die there leaving you to clean them up.

    How do I get rid of Millipedes?

    Because they breed in plague proportions, DIY millipede control is simply ineffective.

    Seek professional assistance immediately for millipede control Perth as soon as you start spotting them in or around your home. We can target these pests by applying environmentally safe products to garden areas and prevent the millipedes' movements.

    Call Maxwell Robinson & Phelps now on (08) 9445 2044 or fill in the form on the right (on desktop) or below (on mobile) and we'll call you.

    Millipede control Perth is backed by Maxwell Robinson & Phelps' Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

    Many Portuguese Millipedes

    Image Source: Department of Agriculture and Food

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    Still want to know more about millipedes? We've got a few frequently asked questions and their answers listed below.

    Why do millipedes suddenly appear now?

    A mature female Portuguese millipede will each typically lay around 200 eggs in Autumn and the early Winter period which is reason to believe why they become so mobile around this time, particularly after the first rains.

    How do they breed to plague proportions in Perth?

    In Perth, millipedes can become prey for spiders and beetles, however these predators are not effective in significantly reducing numbers due to the sheer numbers that Portuguese millipedes can reproduce in.

    In their native habitat of the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese millipedes' population is under control due to the presence of natural predators such as the European hedgehog and beetles.

    What attracts them to my house?

    Portuguese millipedes are attracted to the light at night. So if you have a habit of leaving lights on around your house overnight, that is what is likely to be attracting them inside.

    Are they a threat to my garden?

    Millipedes have been known to occasionally damage crops such as melons, strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes when allowed to breed in large numbers.

    What is their role in our ecosystem?

    Like many of the other species of millipedes in Perth, they help to break down organic matter in our soils.

    Portuguese millipedes were never native to Western Australia and therefore are not vital to our ecosystem.

    Are there organic/harmless ways to treat Portuguese millipedes?

    You can try and millipede-proof your home by ensuring that your doors are well sealed or installing rounded or vertical barriers around entry points as they cannot gain traction on those types of surfaces.

    These measures can stop Portuguese millipedes from entering your home, but they can still be present around your home and have the potential to become a large nuisance if left untreated with some home owners unable to step outside without crushing some of them.