• Feral Cats

  • Feral Cat Pest ControlFerals Cats are a major threat to Australia’s native animals. They have been responsible for the extinction of and rapid decline of some species.

    Feral Cats hunt and kill:

    • birds (parrots, finches, wrens, etc.)
    • mammals (sugar gliders, possums, bilbies, small wallabies, etc.)
    • reptiles (blue tongue lizards, skinks, etc.)
    • amphibians (frogs, etc)
    • fish
    • insects (dragonflies, damselflies, etc.)

    On top of this, Feral Cats carry common diseases of domestic animals, putting your own pets in danger. They also carry infectious diseases which can be transmitted to other animals, including humans, such as:

    • toxoplasmosis
    • sarcosporidiosis

    Feral cats can breed in any season, and have been known to have up to 2 litters each year, consisting of 4 kittens per litter.

    The removal of Feral Cats is necessary for the long-term survival of our unique wildlife. If you suspect you have Feral Cats on your property, then contact MRP – we can remove these pests, and perform that task humanely and efficiently.