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    Ant Pest ControlMaxwell Robinson & Phelps are Perth's ant pest control experts and the only pest control company you should trust to be applying ant bait around your home.

    Through the latest advancements in pest control techniques, we're able to strategically place chemicals to be more effective and eliminating ants whilst using significantly bait and sprays.

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    Ants are social creatures that usually live in permanent nests. Sizes of ant colonies varies greatly and commonly located in soil, wood and rocks. Ants can be omnivorous and will scavange almost anything that is edible, making any scraps or leftovers exposed around your home an open invitation to ants.

    Why ants are a pest

    Apart from being a general nuisance when they decide to enter your home, or undermine the pavers in your garden or driveway, ants can also aerate soil so much that the ground dries out quickly, killing plants and destroying gardens.

    While there are many varieties of ants, in Western Australia the problem-causing ants are Coastal Brown Ants and Argentine Ants.

    Avoid attracting Ants by

    • Cleaning any residue from oils, sauces and liquids
    • Clean up any hidden crumbs or scraps that are usually ignored (e.g. around a toaster)
    • Having a trash bin that is enclosed/has a lid

    How do I get rid of Ants?

    There are plenty of baits available off the shelf that claim to be effective in delivering a similar transfer effect to the professional products that Maxwell Robinson & Phelps do.

    Whilst we haven't looked into the effectiveness of these products, we are often called by customers who have spent hundred on these products and just want the problem dealt with once and for all.

    For a free quote on Maxwell Robinson & Phelps ant control Perth, give us a call on (08) 6311 8945 or fill in the contact form on the right (desktop) or towards the bottom of the page (mobile).

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    Need more information on pest control for ants?

    See below for more commonly sought information on these pests.

    Argentine Ants

    Argentine Ants are a major cosmopolitan pest ant species. Primarily a suburban pest, they will often enter houses searching for food and moisture. They are very ordinary looking – small, brown, and slender. They range from 2.6 to 3.2mm in length. The worker ants are uniform in shape and size and move in well-defined trails, sometimes 3 ants wide, and will walk over a person’s hand if placed in their trail. They have a slight greasy, musty odour when crushed. Argentine ants do not possess a sting but will bite readily, although the bite is not painful.

    Their food preference is the sugary honeydew produced by aphids, mealy bugs and scale insects. Heavy trails of Argentine ants are often seen on the trunks of trees and shrubs. They can feed on a wide variety of food, including sweet drinks, cake, pet food, meat and dead insects. The queen can live for several years, workers for 10-12 months.

    Coastal Brown Ants

    Coastal Brown Ants are a major nuisance ant species in Western Australia. They are an urban pest and are often seen in lawns and brick paving, which they tend to undermine. They can be identified as a small, light ginger brown coloured  ant with a shiny dark brown abdomen. The smaller ‘minors’ are  2 – 3mm in length and the larger ‘majors’ are 3.5-4.5mm long with no odour when crushed.  Infestations of ants are characterised by lines of inter-connected holes and small mounds of excavated soil. Excavations can be so extensive that brick paving is destabilised and the roots of plants and the lawn can become so aerated that the plants subsequently die by drying out.

    While these ants can sting, the sting does not cause discomfort to humans. Coastal Brown Ants are particularly active in late summer, autumn and early winter. They nest outside in the ground and only occasionally invade dwellings when populations outside are very high. However, invasions of dwellings can be severe. These ants prefer meat or fat/oil based foods.

    Helpful Hints

    • Check all pot plants and other plant material you purchase or are given – you can unintentionally transport them to other areas via the pot plants
    • If moving property, immerse the planted pots for 30 seconds in a solution of an insecticide registered for the control of ants

    Download the Printable Ants Info Sheet