• Pest Control

  • Maxwell Robinson & Phelps carry out a complete pest control audit for your site — identifying possible trouble spots and taking preventive action before problems arise.

    Commercial Pest Control

    Preventing pests before they become a problem is smart business. We recognise your pest management needs are critical to the success of your organisation and require a technically-superior approach and expertise that our MRP technical team can provide. The impact pests have on product and profit margins can be devastating. Whatever the size of your pest problem, we will custom design a complete pest control audit identifying possible trouble spots and a plan to treat your current pest problems quickly without inconveniencing your normal operations while safeguarding against further infestations. We will work with you to ensure your business and residential premises are free of further infestations of pests.

    Our highly trained professional commercial pest control technicians are some of the best in the industry and are passionate about protecting our commercial customers’ reputation and brand from pests.

    Residential Pest Control

    Pests in your family home are annoying but they can also cause major hygiene issues and carry diseases that can result in health risks. MRP offers fast, effective, pet and family safe solutions to help protect your home against pests!

    Our solutions are environmentally friendly and we always use the minimum amount of pesticides possible. All our highly trained residential service technicians are professionals who will look at the cause of your domestic pest problems instead of just treating them.

    We will respect your home, family, pets and time by scheduling your services at times that are convenient for you.

    A large portion of our calls are related to many of the pests listed on this page. Please review the information contained within these pages and if you have a concern related to pests in your environment, call us on 08 9445 2044.