• Pest Control Peppermint Grove

  • Maxwell Robinson and Phelps are Peppermint Grove’s most trusted pest control company with over 80% of Perth’s major hospitals trusting us to keep their operations and patients safe whilst keeping a clean, safe and pest free environment.

    Being on the Swan River, Peppermint Grove is an ideal area for rodents to thrive due to the rich water source and we are often called to the area to remove rodents taking shelter from the cold in roof voids.

    Having serviced Peppermint Grove since 1949, Maxwell Robinson and Phelps have become known to be the experts in the local area with in depth knowledge of which pests thrive in the area and the best methods to treat them whilst keeping your family, pets, garden and the environment safe.

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    Termite Control Peppermint Grove

    With some of the most expensive real estate in Australia, it is not only recommended by Australian Standards to have an active termite barrier at all times, it’s essential to protecting your investment. In areas where sub floors are common and highly populated with trees such as Peppermint Grove, the ongoing threat of a termite invasion is very real and most people never see them coming or even notice when they’re inside chewing at the property’s timber structure.

    Maxwell Robinson and Phelps are thorough in installation of termite barriers with no corners cut to save time or materials. This is your home, and you can trust MRP to protect it.