• Pest Control Dalkeith

  • With over 80% of Perth’s biggest hospitals trusting Maxwell Robinson and Phelps to eliminate pests whilst maintaining the sanitary standards of their operations and patients, you can rely on us to clear your Dalkeith home of pests.

    With pest such as rodents becoming more prominent around a rich water source in the Swan River, Maxwell Robinson and Phelps are always in the Dalkeith area clearing out general pests and keeping homes more sanitary and comfortable. Using less chemicals and  getting better results through specific targeting methods, we are the pest control company you can rely on to provide pest control that works without keeping your family or pets out of harms way.

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    Termite Control Dalkeith

    With some of Perth’s most expensive real estate and iconic streets, Dalkeith home-owners know Maxwell Robinson and Phelps are the company to trust when it comes to protecting their investments from termite damage both now and in the future with our comprehensive termite barriers.

    Our termite treatments are not repellents that can be squeezed past or keep a large local termite population at bay. Maxwell Robinson and Phelps install a barrier which termites are able to pass through and become infected by the treatment which destroys their ability to reproduce new exoskeletons, which are crucial to termite survival. The treatment is transferable on contact which means that when the infected termites return to their nest, the treatment is then transferred and passed around at the heart of the colony, killing termites thoroughly at the source and ending the local termite threat.