• Pest Control Cottesloe

  • 80% of Perth’s major hospitals trust Maxwell Robinson and Phelps to eliminate pests from their properties whilst maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for their patients and the same level care is carried over to our pest control in Claremont homes.

    Maxwell Robinson and Phelps have been Perth’s leading pest control company since 1949. Using less chemicals and achieving better results in the process, we are continually the Claremont pest control company of choice and have made some of the suburb’s most iconic houses pest and termite free.

    Being surround by water sources in the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, pest control in Cottesloe often consists of rodent extermination and removals during the colder months, where rodents will take shelter in the roof void for warmth. Maxwell Robinson and Phelps are also able to provide thorough and reliable treatments to exterminate ants, cockroaches, spiders and other general pests that you may be finding in your Cottesloe home.

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    Termite Control Cottesloe

    Many houses in Claremont still have with wooden sub-floors and are prime targets for termites. Renovated homes are not immune from risk and if anything are more prone to termites as preventative measures such as anit-ant plates become compromised during building modification.

    It is recommended by Australian Standards that all homes have a comprehensive termite barrier installed. Even if your home is not infested, termites can feed within 50 meters of their nest and the winged reproductives (Alates) are always looking for a fresh food source to start a new termite nest.

    Some of Claremont’s most expensive properties are protected with comprehensive termite barriers from Maxwell Robinson and Phelps because of the thoroughness of workmanship along with a 5 year warranty up-kept with annual termite inspections carried out by Maxwell Robinson and Phelps.