• Schools and Childcare Centres

  • Schools, day care centres, along with other other child-care facilities are places where we want our children to feel safe and to be safe and in a cleanly maintained facility so they can focus all their attention on gaining an education.

    Keeping schools pest free is a highly important factor in maintaining a safe and healthy school environment. Serious diseases carried by rodents and insects are able to set off allergies or can inflict painful bites and stings; and pretty much any pest in a school can distract children’s attention from their studies (and we know how delicate a child’s attention span can be!).

    Pest control in schools must be performed in such a way that minimizes the amount of pesticides used to avoid contributing to reactions in children who may suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory problems. Pest management in schools should be designed around a program that emphasizes inspection, prevention, and non-chemical control, and minimizes or eliminates the use of chemical pesticides.

    Full Pest Inspection

    On our technicians initial visit to your school a full, thorough inspection is carried out to identify current pest problems, evidence of conditions that could potentially be conducive to infestation along with an assessment of which non-chemical and/or low-chemical measures need to be implemented in order to avoid pest problems.

    We would rather not wait for pest to arrive before we react. Regular inspections are essential to keeping a school or childcare centre pest free and are performed by Maxwell Robinson & Phelps regularly to ensure that the necessary preventative measures are in place.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps will also work with you through Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in order to fight against pest together. This involves a few pointers to school staff on how to avoid unnecessarily attracting pests and creating harbourage areas for them.

    Ready to take action on your School or Childcare pest control needs? Call Maxwell Robinson & Phelps now for an obligation free assessment.