• Restaurant and Café Pest Control Perth

  • Running a café or a restaurant, pests control as an essential part of creating a sanitary environment that is suitable for public service. When pests are ignored in a restaurant or café environment, they can lead to expensive and dangerous Health and Safety code violations.

    Even without the looming threat of the Health Department, if one family who comes down as a part of their weekend ritual, spending around $100 at each seating, abandons your restaurant after experiencing a cockroach running over their table, that’s $5,200 per year of lost revenue.

    Trusted by over 80% of Perth’s largest hospitals, you can trust Maxwell Robinson & Phelps to deal with pests effectively whilst maintaining the high sanitary standards required for running a commercial food service business.

    The main culprits for compromising restaurant and café sanitation are often cockroaches, ants, drain flies, fruit flies and moths.

    Whilst there are some instances where pests can’t be avoided, such as cockroaches being transported from a supplier’s goods, there are plenty of other times when the businesses have more or less hung neon signs saying “Pests Welcome” with the environment they create which is why our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions and recommended monthly visits are ever growing part of café and restaurant pest control as the industry shifts towards preventative measures for long term pest control, rather than remaining purely reactive each time pests are seen.