• Hotel Pest Control Perth

  • Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are the industry leaders when it comes to pest management with minimal chemicals and maximum results.

    Pests in hotel rooms, lobbies or restaurants are bad for business and in cases such as bed bugs, can put rooms out of action, hindering a hotel’s ability to operate at capacity.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps take an industry leading approach to hotel pest control by using a minimal amount of chemicals that are carefully selected and strategically placed to achieve the desired outcome by eliminating pests at their source.

    Through Integrated Pest Management, we are able to work with your hotel to not only eradicate the existing pest problem, but to assist you in taking measure to ensure pests are not continually drawn to your hotel by addressing:

    • Cracks and crevices that can provide harbourage for pests.
    • Missing or improperly-installed door sweeps, broken or unscreened windows, and other potential entry points.
    • Areas in need of sanitation attention.
    • Spilled or improperly-stored food items.
    • Overflowing or damaged skip bins.
    • Leaks and other moisture problems.

    Most importantly, our treatment methods will have minimal to no impact on your daily operations and ability to cater for your guests. Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are the Perth pest control company that will keep your business moving cleanly.