• Commercial Pest Control Perth

  • Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are experts in Commercial Pest Control Perth, providing complete protection to the vast and varied commercial and industrial businesses.

    Here are some of the industries that Maxwell Robinson & Phelps caters to:

    • Food and Beverage
    • Healthcare
    • Offices
    • Rental Properties
    • Hospitality
    • Retail Businesses
    • Transportation (Trains, Railways)
    • Industrial

    Because Maxwell Robinson & Phelps take extensive measures to reduce chemicals and provide a more environmentally friendly and safety conscious approach; we have become the company to trust.

    Protecting Your Clients

    We understand that patients and clients are your priority.

    Pests possess a serious threat of cross-contamination in any environment and the risk is further heightened in sensitive environments such as hospitals and aged care facilities where immune systems are weaker and health issues are more prevalent.

    This is where Maxwell Robinson & Phelps’ industry leading approach gives hospitals and aged care facilities the advantage to take back control of their facilities from pests with no compromise to the safety or well-being of their patients or residents.

    When you’re looking for commercial pest control in Perth, make sure that they care the same way Maxwell Robinson & Phelps do.

    Minimal Chemicals, Better Results

    Using the minimal amount of chemicals that are also strategically placed is vital in food preparation areas where pests such as ants, cockroaches and rodents are usually attracted to.

    Due to complexities in hospitals and aged care centres such breathing problems, it’s important to know that the days of spray and pray are long behind us. Maxwell Robinson & Phelps employ a sniper’s approach to commercial pest control Perth. Clinical, accurate, and no collateral damage.

    There is a reason why more hospitals and aged care facilities now rely on Maxwell Robinson & Phelps to protect those who rely on them.

    Our Commitment to You

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps have three main principals that carry the company from the Director of the company, to the technicians and schedulers.

    • Do the best we can
    • Do the right thing
    • Show other people we care

    These three values have propelled us into Perth’s leading commercial pest control company. When you do your best, want to do the right thing, and show others that you care, the rest falls into place.

    Even with the best equipment, training, and processes; it is these values that make Maxwell Robinson & Phelps what it is today.