• Pest Control Attadale

  • With over 80% of Perth’s major hospitals, including the State’s largest children’s hospital, trusting Maxwell Robinson and Phelps to eliminate pests whilst keeping their operations and patients safe, you can trust our pest control team in your Attadale home.

    Being next to a water source with the Swan River, many pests such as rodents thrive in the area and end up taking shelter in roof voids of Attadale homes during the colder months.

    Maxwell Robinson and Phelps are the pest control company that take their time, do things thoroughly and do it right. Using less chemicals and getting better results, we tailor treatments to the specific pest you’re experiencing and provide generous warranties on general pests that last up to three months.

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    Termite Control Attadale

    It is recommended by Australian Standards that all homes have an active termite barrier installed to protect from these timber eating pests. With such high value properties in Attadale, a comprehensive termite barrier is crucial to protecting your investment from the silent but costly infestation of white ants.

    Couple with annual termite inspections from Maxwell Robinson and Phelps, all termite barriers come with a 5 year warranty. So call today on 6311 8945 or fill in the contact form now.