• Warning Signs…When should you be concerned?

    Is there:

    • Termite damage to timbers within the home or yard areas?
    • Live termites found on the property?
    • Live termites or termite damage detected within the area or street?
    • Evidence of past treatments (has the problem been removed or repaired in the past?

    Risk Areas…What makes a house more at risk?

    • Do you have stumps, timbers, sleepers, coopers barrels or other moist wood in the yard?
    • Are plumbing or air conditioner outlets bringing moisture to the wall lines of the property?
    • Are there bridged or non-existent termite barriers compromising the protection of your home?
    • Are high garden beds bringing moisture and concealing possible termite entry to your home?
    • Additions or renovations done to your home that have required additional slabs or conversion of carports to rooms?

    Action Areas…What can I do to minimise my risk of Termite attack?

    • The Australian Standard stipulates that a full termite inspection be carried out at least every 12 months. MRP can carry out one of these inspections in your home without any chemical, damage to your home and at a time convenient to you, it includes a visual inspection of your roof, home interior, yard, sheds and even within your subfloor.
    • A monitoring system can be installed at your house to detect any termite nests feeding within the area of your home. Once detected, a safe and effective bait is used and the termites are essentially “eating out of the palm of our hands” until the nest is eliminated at its source.
    • A chemical barrier can be put in place in the soil surrounding your home to prevent termites from entering your home. These barriers provide protection and peace of mind for 5 years, and use safe and effective chemicals, installed to the Australian standard by trained and knowledgeable technicians.
    • More effective termite barriers can be installed around your home. For example: ant caps under wooden floored homes, metal stirrups under patio posts, or simple measures like placing metal discs under the legs of work benches stored in your shed.
    • There are a range of simple, cost effective and long term solutions to reducing your risk of termite attack. MRP Technicians will be more than happy to discuss these with you and provide you with a full written and verbal report if you should decide to request an Australian Standard Compliant Termite Inspection with us.