• Environmental Management Policy

  • Aim
    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps values Australia’s natural environment and is firmly committed to sound environmental practices in our daily operations. Maxwell Robinson & Phelps will use integrated pest management practices and strive to ensure chemicals are used only when necessary. In the event of chemical use, the absolute minimum amounts will be used to minimise any impact on the environment.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps are committed to the continual improvement of its environmental management systems.

    Maxwell Robinson & Phelps will ensure:-

    • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislation
    • Continuous improvement in the efficiency of resource consumption
    • Minimising waste generation by recycling and reusing practices where appropriate and through environmentally sound purchasing decisions.
    • Correct management of treatment techniques and activities to ensure the impact on non-target species of flora and fauna is minimised.
    • We work with our staff to adopt sound environmental work practices through provision of training and resources.
    • Commitment to the continued implementation of integrated pest management and non-chemical solutions to client problems.
    • We are open and accountable to the environmental concerns of our clients, regulators and the wider community.
    • Continued involvement in the development, promotion and implementation of environmental policies and procedures
    • Continuous training of our employees in environmental management
    • The provision of resources to meet environmental management commitments
    • We follow environmental policies, procedures and instructions
    • We report all incidents to the Operations Manager or Managing Director

    This policy applies to Maxwell Robinson & Phelps including all employees, subcontractors, contractors in all its operations and functions.


    Ray Franklin
    Managing Director