• DIY vs Professional Pest Control Products

  • Are they the same?

    In short, no. DIY pest control products and professional products are Worlds apart, but the DIY products do have their place.

    With households across the country looking for ways to tighten their belt, DIY products have become increasing, particularly in pest control. However, in some circumstances there is no other true alternative to a professional pest control company.


    Buying off the shelf pest control products at your local supermarket or warehouse will initially seem like the more attractive option financially and in some scenarios is fine with a lone pest intruder or small infestation.

    With some pests, killing them in your home doesn’t stop the problem at its root cause and their repelling barriers are constantly tested and weak spots often found by pests that are nesting externally and entering your home for a food or water source.

    Hiring a pest control company is more expensive initially, but has a far higher chance of eliminating the problem thoroughly in one treatment.

    Pick Your Battles

    You can likely take on a small presence of ants, wasps or flies with a once off purchase from the supermarket.

    If you can’t eliminate the problem with one go with the supermarket products, you’re likely fighting a losing battle and need to call in the pros.

    This is because most products that are off-the-shelf are either an instant kill or a repellent. The pros will use chemicals that act slowly and will transfer to other pests, resulting in the treatment getting back to the source of the problem – the nest.

    You’re Relying on Yourself

    When using pest control products that are purchased in the supermarket, remember that they have warning labels for a reason.

    If you have pets or children, do your research before using these products and ensure that you’re using the right dosage around the correct places. Most people do not have this knowledge which is one reason why pest control companies are called up after customers have spent hundreds on DIY products.


    You should never have to worry about the safety of yourself, your children or your pets when you hire a professional pest control company.

    Most professionals will know which specialised products are suitable for each individual pest and their level of infestation in or around your home and will take measures to ensure that the treatment is safe. For example, rodent baiting stations will come in a secured container that cannot be opened without a key, the bait internally cannot be reached by (even by small hands) and that the bait itself is secured within and cannot be rattled out.

    Always read the instruction labels when using DIY pest control products and always be mindful of the human or pet interaction of the area that you’re spraying in. For example, if using products in a bedroom, make sure the sheets and pillowcases are either stripped off or immediately put in the wash.

    Professional Line

    Many companies that produce and sell pest control products will have a professional line that claims to use the same technology as professional exterminators do. This simply isn’t true.

    The products that professional pest control companies use is not available for sale to the general public.

    Some of the most effective pest control products (such as Termidor) contain Fipronil as the active constituent. Whilst Fipronil has an extremely low toxicity to mammals, it his highly poisonous to fish, bees, and some birds if consumed orally. Due to the impact that Fipronil based products can have on wildlife, it is restricted to licenced pest controllers.

    Some Bugs Can’t Be DIY’ed

    Termites and Bed Bugs are two immediate mentions to pest control that simply cannot be done with any commercially available products or home remedies. Termites and bed bugs are a serious threat to your property and your health respectively and need to be treated by a professional pest control company as soon as they are detected.


    Most pest control companies will offer some form of warranty on their work, usually up to 3 months for general pest whereas the off the shelf products will only offer refunds on product defects, not on results.